More on Good Vibrations

I got to thinking more about the Good Vibrations song on the Sunkist website. I looked up Good Vibrations on wikipedia only to find out this: “In 1978 the song was used as a jingle for the introduction of Sunkist orange soda in New York.” The wikipedia entry also noted that Beach Boy Brian Wilson re-recorded Good Vibrations in 2004. So I wondered if the version on the Sunkist web site was by Wilson. I figured the Sunkist site should note somewhere something about the song. And it did. I went back to the site — heard the song again — and found a link at the bottom of the page to the web site of the band Gym Class Heroes. A May 4 posting in the news section on the band’s site said “In case you have not seen it yet, we have a little promotion going with Sunkist, where you can win a ton of cool stuff including iPods, music downloads, signed guitars by yours truly, or even the grand prize: a VIP experience for you and 15 friends at one of our shows. Head over to for details and how to enter, and check out our cover of Good Vibrations while you’re there!”Now aren’t you glad I researched that further? We’ll all sleep better tonight.


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