Clipless Coupon

The only blog I’ve ever read on any kind of semi-regular basis has gone out of the blogging business. is a blog about Target — aka Tarzjay. bullseye_v45715428_.gifThe blog was all about the latest and trendiest finds at Target. I stumbled across the blog while I worked for a Target Distribution Center as a communications specialist. Part of my job was very similar to that of the blogger behind Slave to Target. I had the inside scoop on what cool and trendy gimmick Target was pulling next. I wrote communication materials for Target team members, often keeping them in the loop about things like Clear Rx, new clothing lines, summer products, Christmas specials, Global Bazaar, The One Spot (now, See. Spot. Save.), etc. My ‘target audience’ saw all of these things sometimes months before they hit the shelves. But they often only saw them in brown cardboard boxes so I felt the obligation to educate them on exactly what was in the box and how it was so cool they should run to the store and use their 10 percent employee discount to buy one for themselves!

I don’t work for Target anymore so not only is my 10 percent discount gone, my ‘target audience’ is gone, too. So I’ll occasionally use this blog to go on and on about all things cool at Target. Which brings me to the point of this here entry: Clipless Coupon™. I received in the mail last week a Clipless Coupon™ from Target. The Clipless Coupon™ is a red card — about the size of my Target Visa — with a shopping list of items and how much you can save if you buy the item and present the coupon card. Like $1 off Market Pantry™ milk, $1.50 off Pampers diapers, $.75 off Kraft cheese. The card is good on a total of 20 items, saving up to $17 if you buy them all. And its good for the next six weeks so plenty of time to shop!

If you don’t get one of these in the mail, I don’t think they’re giving them out at Target stores. Not sure why I was on the list of folks to get one, but I’m glad I was. Internet theories say the coupons only go to Target credit card holders or that Target sends them to people who have been known to buy the products featured. I do know that Target tracks who buys what and targets their promotions accordingly. So maybe I got one because I buy a lot of milk, cheese and diapers? I dunno. But they’ve certainly convinced me to buy at least one more round of milk, cheese and diapers at a total savings of $3.25. Just enough to go to Target’s Food Avenue and get a strawberry smoothie! They end up getting my $3.25 one way or the other.

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