T-ball Is Over

tball-blog.jpgLast night was the last game of the 3- and 4-year-old instructional t-ball season for my oldest son. The season included 10 games, and I have to say he’s come a long way in the few short months that he’s been practicing and playing games. The first two or three games he ran to wherever the ball was hit. It didn’t matter that he was playing second base. If the ball went to third, so did he. If the ball landed two feet in front of the tee, he was off to get it.

After much coaching from his coaches and his dad, about half-way through the season he understood that he was to go after the ball only when it came in his general direction, and he shouldn’t dart all the way across the field and wrestle other kids on his team for the ball. This realization that he was supposed to stand still and wait for the ball to be hit to him, however, led to boredom which he exhibited by playing in the dirt, tossing his hat in the air, hitting the kid nearest him with his glove, etc. So we had to work on that. 002_23a.jpg

By last night’s final game, he had it down. He took his position at second base and stood there. He didn’t chase the ball. He didn’t toss his hat. He didn’t swing his glove around. He just stood there — waiting for the ball. And a couple of times the ball came his way and chased it around and threw it to first base.

His hitting improved too. His dad has been working with him on swinging all the way through. They watch Braves baseball together and my husband says, “See. Watch Andruw (Jones). He swings alllll the way through.” Over the weekend my son was practicing hitting in the backyard and said “I swing alllll the way through, just like Andruw.”


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