New World of Coke

The new World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta opened last week. I toured the old museum as a teen-ager and fell in love with all things Coca-Cola. This sparked a collection of unique cans and bottles, tins, stuffed polar bears, etc. My bedroom had Coca-Cola border with shelves of memorabilia. Picture the Coca-Cola section in Cracker Barrell.

I had a dream of having a Coca-Cola kitchen so when I got married and had a house of my own I had all my Coke memorabilia displayed above the cabinets and we had Coke dishes, glasses and silverware, even! When we moved and moved again and moved again (4 moves in 3 years) the Coke stuff stayed packed up each move. So finally last year I decided to part with a lot of it and only keep the sentimental items: a Coke can that my parents brought me back from Israel (the writing is in Hebrew); a Coke girl figurine my husband bought me; a stained glass-looking lamp from my mother-in-law; the lightswitch cover that my dad hand-painted with the Coca-Cola scripted letters.

I sold about half of the collection at a yard sale last summer. The other half is still in boxes in my garage. My hubby is pressuring me to get rid of it — throw it away even! But I can’t bear just to trash it. Someone somewhere will appreciate it. I just need to find them. So I turned to the internet, which is where I found the news about the new site opening. We’re planning a trip to Atlanta in July (Braves baseball) and I hope we can see the new World of Coke while we’re there. Hopefully I’ll have found a new owner for my collection by then.


One thought on “New World of Coke

  1. davidhitt says:

    I’ve made many a trip to the old museum myself, and am looking forward to going to the new one.

    If you haven’t done anything with your collection by then, you should just take it when you go and hand it out to people leaving the museum.

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