Thomas & Friends Recall

day-out-with-thomas.jpgAttention Parents: There has been a recall of certain Thomas & Friends trains and toy sets apparently because some of the items were painted with lead paint. Most of the recalled trains are red which includes any James engines and coal cars and many of the red cabooses. So far I only recognize one train on the recall list that we have. It’s the 2006 Day Out with Thomas coal car that we got as a souvenir when we went to see Thomas in Chattanooga that year.

If you have Thomas & Friends items in your home and daycare be sure to look at the press release about the recall and the list of the recalled items with images. And don’t forget to tell your daycare and churches. I called my sons’ daycare this morning to tell them about it because they have a Thomas table and Thomas trains in their play area. They hadn’t even heard about it!

2 thoughts on “Thomas & Friends Recall

  1. calluna says:

    Actually, no. We’re afraid we won’t get an actual replacement but rather some “other” train or a gift certificate or something, especially since our train has a year and an event tied to it. I’m sure they didn’t make lead versions and non-lead versions so they can’t just go grab a non-lead painted 2006 Day Out with Thomas coal car and send us. And I doubt the demand will be high enough for them to make new ’06 Day Out cars. We decided to put it up where the kids can’t play with it but we can keep it as a souvenir.

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