Trail Mix

My son brought home bag of trail mix from Vacation Bible School yesterday. It was still in the car this morning and I, not having had any breakfast, tried it out. I’m usually not a fan of mixing random things together, particularly mixing salty foods with sweet foods. This trail mix was made of pretzels, popcorn, goldfish crackers, Honey Nut Cheerios and M&Ms. But I figured in the case of morning hunger I could at least just pick out the pretzels. Then I got a piece of popcorn or two. A sweet cheerio snuck in there and before you know it I’m just reaching in the bag and eating whatever was in my hand. And it wasn’t that bad — the salty and the sweet mixed together. It was actually kind of good.

It got me to thinking about what makes a combination of foods a trail mix (similarly what makes a salad a salad, but that’s a discussion for another day). Wikipedia lists the most common trail mix ingredients as nuts (such as peanuts or cashews), dried fruits (such as cranberries or raisins), chocolate chips or M&M’s, breakfast cereals, seeds (such as sunflower), granola, shredded coconut and pretzels. I guess the point is a food that’s easy to take with you and give you energy while you’re “on the trail.” 

It’s great for kids. Both of my boys like all of those kinds of foods – pretzels, cheese crackers, M&Ms, etc. We could add mini marshmallows and bagel chips … oh, the possibilities. Aparently it’s a snack mom likes too. :)


One thought on “Trail Mix

  1. davidhitt says:

    Yay! I’m all for Heather-eating-like-a-normal-person stories!

    They’re exciting, and rare enough that you won’t get tired of them!

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