170,000 Miles

The odometer in my “Green Machine” clicked over to 170,000 miles a few weeks ago. Where have I been in that 170,000 miles? Back and forth from Indiana and Alabama a lot, that’s for sure. I’ve also driven the entire length of I-65. Not all at one time, but over the course of several trips.

800px-interstate_65_map.pngI-65 runs from Chicago to Mobile, Ala. I first drove the stretch from Huntsville to Mobile while in college and have since driven it many times on the way to the beach. My hubby and I drove the Huntsville-to-Indianapolis stretch many, many times when we lived in the Hoosier state. And just once he and I drove from Indy to Chicago. I remember thinking when we entered Chicago and saw the sign stating that I-65 had ended that I had seen a similar sign years before in Mobile and how strange it was to have driven a major interstate from start to finish. It’s not Route 66 or anything but it’s close.


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