Little boy, Big bed

My oldest son moved into a big bed this weekend. It was long overdue (he’s less than a month way from his fourth birthday and he was still in his crib-turned-toddler-bed). The headboard of his crib can be used as the headboard for a full-size bed so he’s actually in a pretty big bed for his age. We bought Lightning McQueen sheets and rearranged his room so he has his bed and nightstand kinda towards the back of the room and his books and toys moved to the front in a little play area.

He’s definitely not in a baby room anymore. In fact, I need to go through some of the “sit around” stuff on his dresser and take out the little baby trinkets and pictures. There’s a stork holding a frame, and in the frame is a blue print of my son’s hand from when he was two or three months old. There’s a black-and-white print of him just two or three days old, all curled up in my arms. And a blue beanie baby that says “It’s a Boy.” Those days are long gone for that one. I could easily move some of the items to the room where my 18-month-old son will sleep in a crib for a while longer. But he, too, is quickly outgrowing the babyish stage. It’s true. They grow up fast. 


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