Dinner Impossible? I’ve got dinner impossible right here.

In a what-to-watch-on-TV-that-we-both-like battle this weekend my husband and I watched an hour and a half of Food Network. The shows were not practical how-to cook shows but rather professional bakers and chefs competing against other professional bakers and chefs. The first half-hour was “The Food Network Challenge” where the challenge was a Castle Cake. Contestants had six hours to make a cake that resembled a castle using only sugar and chocolate. The second half-hour was “Dinner Impossible.” The Food Network web site describes it best: “If you could combine James Bond with MacGyver, you would get Robert Irvine, a real life chef extraordinaire and the host of Dinner: Impossible. Each week, Robert (with the help of his two sous-chefs, George and George) is thrown a new culinary curveball and the team must figure out a way to solve their challenge before time runs out. … Will he succeed or will it truly be, Dinner: Impossible?”

The final 30 minutes was “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” where chef Bobby Flay (who has at least two other Food Network shows) challenges award-winning BBQers, bakers, pizza makers, etc. to a cook-off. This particular episode was about doughnuts.

Since Food Network is sooo into food challenges, I have a great idea for their next show: take one of these great chefs, give them at least two starving kids, a dirty kitchen and limited to no ingredients (because they didn’t have time to stop at the store) and have them prepare a tasty yet nutritional meal for said kids and a husband. Time limit: 5 minutes. Welcome to my world.


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