Butterfinger and a Dr. Pepper

As a kid we didn’t eat moonpies with RC Cola. Our something-sweet-and-cola combo was a Butterfinger and a Dr. Pepper, both of which my dad keeps ready for the grandkids (or us big kids) in the mini-fridge in his garage.

 I had a butterfinger for my 3 o’clock sugar snack today and thought of my dad and days past. Not only did we eat Butterfinger with Dr. Pepper but we ate Butterfinger in our ice cream on occasional after-school trips to the Dairy Queen.

The third ingredient on the Butterfinger wrapper (after corn syrup and sugar) is ground roasted peanuts. Know what that means? My youngest son, who is allergic to peanuts, will never enjoy a Butterfinger and a Dr. Pepper with his PaPaw.


One thought on “Butterfinger and a Dr. Pepper

  1. davidhitt says:

    Comment the first:
    I’ve always found Moon Pies overrated. One of my failings as a Southerner, I’m afraid.

    Comment the second:
    I like Butterfingers, but I LOVE those new Butterfinger Crisp candy bars, which are very possibly my current favorite candy bars. They’ve recently also come up with a Nestle Crunch Crisp, which is also good. I’m now strongly in favor of creating Crisp versions of ALL candy bars.

    And then, possibly, creating Crisp versions of those. Butterfinger Crisp Crisp. I have no idea what that would even be, but it would have to be good.

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