The Modern Swingset

My oldest boy is turning 4 next week and his Granny decided for her gift she was going to buy him a swingset. Not the little metal kind with two swings, a swinging bar and a teeter-totter, like I had oh-so-long-ago. We’re talking a large, wooden two-story tower with a row of swings on one side and a climbing wall, slide and clubhouse in the center.

The instructions said it’d take 2 people 8-10 hours to build. Wrong! It took more like 25 hours to build! Part of the problem was that none of the wood pieces were labeled so when the instruction said attach G2 to H2, you had to dig through hundreds of boards looking for the right width, length and number of holes in the board.

Then the ground stakes! Six, 12-inch metal rods that anchored the monster into the ground. It’s very difficult to get a 12-inch metal rod into Alabama red clay that hasn’t seen rain in many, many weeks!

To complicate the process, we had both boys right there with us with my oldest asking from the time we opened the first box “Can I swing yet?” Well, he finally got to swing last night! It was kinda fitting that my neighbors were still shooting 4th of July fireworks last night just as we were celebrating finishing his swingset/slide/rock climb/clubhouse. I’ll take a picture this weekend and post next week.


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