Happy Birthday

p1011467.jpgMy first-born turned 4 this weekend. Friday to be exact. We spent the weekend partying with a cookie cake at his preschool and dinner out on Friday, a party for family and friends at a local waterpark on Saturday, and playing with all his new toys on Sunday.

I got out the album of pictures from the day he was born and looked through them with him one night last week. First thing he asked is why was he naked. “You can see my bottom,” he said. I just said yeah, and flipped the page to a picture where he had a diaper on. We flipped page after page and I told him “There’s Nana holding you,” “There’s Papaw holding you,” “There’s your cousin Alex holding you,” “ There’s Nanny holding you.” Of course, “There’s mommy and daddy holding you,” too.

In one picture my eyes were kind of closing and he wanted to know why I made that face. I told him I was probably tired. In another he was asleep in the hospital bassinet and in the corner of the bed was a small yellow bunny that he still plays with/sleeps with today. He was excited to recognize the bunny. “Hey, there’s my bunny,” he said. A few pictures later he got bored, which is fine. We probably took 100 pictures that first week and you can’t expect a 4-year-old to be too excited about pictures of a baby that his mommy says is him, but a him he doesn’t remember? Must be kind of confusing. But it’s fun for me.

Happy Birthday, little buddy!


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