Where’s my See. Spot. Save.?

target_dog-tm.jpgI was shocked (well, shocked might be too strong) … very surprised to see the See. Spot. Save. (formerly One Spot) section of my SuperTarget store gone the other day. I was there just to get diapers, but since it came a huge storm just as soon as I got there I decided to mill around hoping it would stop raining by the time I was ready to leave. The See. Spot. Save. section is a great place to mill around. Most things are $1, although some are 2 for $5. But today, there were no $1 deals, but rather food items: cereals, snacks and the like. I was like “Oh my gosh. Target did away with the One Spot? That was the most popular section in the store.” I made a note to myself to email by Target insider about this and get the scoop.

So the kids and I proceed to get the diapers, pass through toys, up to school supplies and then back up front to check-out. That’s when I saw it: The One Spot ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE STORE. What were they thinking? Well, I have a guess. About half of the items were school-related: workbooks, puzzles, teacher items, lunch bags, etc. So perhaps with schools starting back they thought they’d strategically place these cheapo school-related items on the side of the store close to consumer products so people looking for school items could find them. Makes sense. They’re usual strategy is to highlight a few food items on that side of the store to draw people over to the grocery side (so I think.)

So I bought some cool pencils, some construction paper, some puzzles and a jar of miniature farm animals for my 4-year-old. Now aren’t they glad I decided to mill around? I sure am. I’m loving my cool, new pencils. Next time they do that they should put a sign: One Spot moved to other side of the store, or something.


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