Sick Days

My oldest has been sick since Sunday so I’ve missed work yesterday and today to be home with him. I remember sick days as a kid involving lots of laying around and watching TV shows that I never got to watch because I was in school. They’re pretty much the same when you’re an adult, too, whether you’re the one that’s sick or if you’re caring for a sick child. Of course when it’s a child that is sick, the TV shows are usually animated and the laying around is a little less.

Thanks to our laptop and wireless network I can work from the bedroom with my child right next to me. As much as I hate that he’s sick I’ve actually enjoyed the downtime and the extra time to spend with him and take care of him. We’ve watched some movies and talked or read books when he felt like it. As much as I want him to get better and need to get back to work, we’re making the best of our “sick days.”


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