Target & The New Yorker Pair Up Again

newyorker.jpgTwo years ago this month Target pulled a first: they bought all the advertising space in The New Yorker magazine. They solicited graphical representations of New York that incorporated the red Target logo and ran about 10 full page ads and several smaller one-column ads. I don’t read The New Yorker but I made a special trip to Barnes & Noble to buy this issue because I couldn’t find any of the ad images online and I just had to see what the artists had come up with.

Now Target stores are partnering with The New Yorker again, but instead of Target newyorker-game.jpgbuying ad space in the magazine, the magazine is selling The New Yorker board game in Target stores. The game is based on the magazine’s popular cartoon caption contest where readers submit caption ideas for a cartoon. In the board game version, it looks you like pass the same cartoon to all players who write a caption for it and then you try to guess which player wrote which caption. Sounds like fun. Only $24.99. If someone gets it,  invite me (& the hubby) over to play. It takes 4 players and we only have the two of us. Or better yet I’ll get it and invite you over!


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