Why I Don’t Want to Color My Hair

A new book Going Gray tells of the author’s journey of “going gray” by stopping to color her hair. This has been my issue with coloring all along: When do you stop? And when you do stop won’t it be a shock for yourself and everyone who knows you to go from brunette to gray in a matter of months? I’d rather gray over the years than in a matter of months!

My older sister, who colors hair, disagrees with my rationale. In her opinion why do you ever have to stop? My answer to that is because at a certain age it looks odd to have no gray and then people know you’re coloring which kinda defeats the purpose. You’re not fooling anyone.

It’s bad timing for me to stumble upon this book and pen my opinions on hair color considering that just this week I bought a box of hair color which I plan to use this weekend. But it’s all my husband’s fault. (Isn’t everything?) A few months ago he suggested I color my hair again to cover up the gray. Note that he said again, because it is true I have colored my hair before, usually blonde highlights for “fun.” He thinks its OK to cover my gray until 30, 35 or an age where it’s more appropriate to be gray. I’m only 27. So I reconciled with coloring my hair until 30 and decide then what feels right then.

So bye-bye gray. Hello natural color. (For now.)

Here’s an excerpt of the book.


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