The Price of an Apple

About 9 years ago I came to the realization that every decision in life comes down to time or money: which do you have more of?

I was planning my wedding at the time and was shopping for materials to make those little birdseed-filled cups for guests to throw at us as we left. I could buy tulle by the yard and then sit down and cut roughly 100 circles to make our birdseed favors or I could buy pre-cut tulle circles ready to use. It was cheaper to buy the tulle by the yard but then it would have taken more time to cut out circles. I could save time by spending more money and getting pre-cut circles. Which did I have more of at the time? Money. (My engagement was a short 5 months.) So we bought the pre-cut circles.

This principle has been applied many, many times over the years, most recently at the grocery store where my 4-year-old wanted a green apple. I could buy two whole apples for around $1 and then have to core and slice the apples before he could eat it (less money but more time involved). Or I could buy a bowl of precut apples for $2.99 (more money but less time because they’re ready to eat).

I don’t want to be wasteful or spend frivolously, so there are times when I choose time over money. But with hungry and impatient kids we enjoyed the overpriced bowl of pre-cut fruit.

What about you? Any time vs. money examples of something you could do for cheaper if you did it yourself but you’d rather have your time than your money?


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