To Be or Not To Be

It’s October which means Halloween which means Halloween costumes. Every year (until this one) I’ve chosen my oldest son’s Halloween costume without asking his opinion. Actually my mother-in-law and sister chose and bought his costumes, with my consent.

Cute but cheap are the two criteria. His first Halloween he wore a black cat costume that my sister bought new for $1 at a yard sale. The following year he wore a clown costume my mother-in-law bought the year before on clearance. And last year he was Buzz Lightyear — complete with inflatable wings. Now this one my sister paid full price for ($30 I think, plus the wings) but she bought it for him for his birthday earlier in the year and he wore it several times playing dress-up.

But this year he has wants. I had the grand idea that he could be Woody and we could modify the Buzz Lightyear he wore last year to fit my younger son. And he seemed OK with that until we first looked at costumes at Target few weeks ago. He wanted to be a Power Ranger, which I don’t approve of, so I tried to redirect with “Let’s find the Woody costumes.” Turns out Target doesn’t have Woody this year.

Now, after two more trips to the Target costume department and one trip to Party City, he still wants to be a Power Ranger (which I still disapprove of) and he also wants to be Shrek or Batman. My husband is in favor of either of those but he doesn’t want to buy the costumes. He just wants to get a mask and if he goes as Shrek let him wear this t-shirt that says “I am Shrek” or if he goes as Batman let him wear his Batman pajamas with a $3 Batman mask from Party City. I’d prefer he not wear a mask so I proposed we get a Shrek headband and then paint his hair and face green. And Woody is still an option. Party City has the Woody accessory kit (vest, hat, bandana and sheriff’s badge) for $15.

I’m just not “sold” on any of our ideas. I agree with my husband that he’s only going to wear the costume once so it’s not worth spending a lot of money on but at the same time if I’m going to invest time, energy and money in this I want his costume to be cute enough for a picture. So we’re undecided on what to be … or not to be.


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