Kiss and Tell

On Tuesday my 4-year-old kissed a girl, apparently on the mouth or at least on the face. The afternoon teacher at his preschool had him tell me about it when I picked him up and he was obviously embarrassed. The teacher thought it was funny and cute but at the same time she had the obligation as the adult in charge to tell him and the girl to stop. When they didn’t listen, she had to separate them.

I didn’t take this too seriously and while I told my husband about it, it was more for humor than “this is a problem we need to address.” I figured if it continued day after day and the teacher was concerned, then we’d treat it like a problem. I just told him that I’m happy he has friends that he loves but that we don’t kiss our friends. If he wants to show them he loves them he can give them a hug. And besides, he should save all his kisses for mommy!

It was a short-lived phase, so it seems, because he came home Wednesday saying kissing was yucky, girls are yucky, etc. I didn’t quite want him to take it that far. But he later said that he gave the little girl a hug and that kissing was just for parents. I’m not sure if he meant for kids to kiss their parents or for parents to kiss each other, either way. When I tucked him in bed last night and kissed his cheek he didn’t object. Apparently mommy and mommy’s kisses do not fall into the “kissing is yucky, girls are yucky” category.

One thought on “Kiss and Tell

  1. I remember kissing a girl or two in the first grade – but then not kissing a girl again till I was 17. :-P But I never really got the whole “girls are gross” and “cooties” thing later in elementary school, though I played along. But secretly I always thought girls were God’s best invention. I still think that.

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