Mistaken Identity

With my oldest sick with a stomach bug earlier this week, I figured it was a matter of time before my 2-year-old got it. And so sure enough, Wednesday afternoon the sweet-sounding voice of the assistant director at the daycare called. “Mrs. Smith?” she said. “I’m so sorry but Caden is sick and you’re going to have to come pick him up.”

I quickly wrapped things up and prepared to take things home to work on. I got to my son’s room and found it odd that he was wearing the same clothes I dressed him in the morning. I expected his clothes to have been soiled when he got sick. So I commented to the teacher, “He must not have thrown up too much if he’s still in the clothes I sent him in,” to which she responded, “Threw up? Caden hasn’t thrown up.” It was a case of mistaken identity. My Caden was not sick but another Caden in another class at the daycare was.

In 2005, when I was pregnant with Caden and we chose his name, I thought Caden was a pretty rare name. I had heard of lots of names with the “aden” sound (Jaden, Braeden, Aiden, etc.) but not Caden. However, I remember distinctly being 7 months pregnant and at the pediatrician with my older son and hearing the nurse schedule an appointment for Caden Smith. I asked her, “Did you just schedule an appointment for Caden Smith?” She did. I was shocked. “This is Caden Smith,” I said, pointing to my round belly. I wasn’t about to change my child’s name because a perfect stranger had the same name, so we are officially known at the doctor’s office as “Caden Smith No. 2,” and on more than one occasion the nurse has pulled the wrong Caden Smith’s chart.

According to the Social Security Administration, the name “Caden” is creeping up the list of top names. In 2004, it ranked 104. In 2005 in made it into the top 100 at number 98, and in 2006 jumped up three spots to 95. Sounds like there may be more mistaken Caden identities to come.


One thought on “Mistaken Identity

  1. Jenna Smith says:

    My sons name is Caden Smith. Funny! I thought it was rare as well. Caden means fighter and I would never consider changing his name cause he SO lives up to his name!

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