Give Thanks

In Bible study Sunday the teacher talked about how uncelebrated Thanksgiving has become, at least in the retail world. While families still have the traditional Thanksgiving dinners and store endcaps are stocked with stuffing mix and cranberry sauce, the seasonal section in the stores are already decked for Christmas. The teacher realized the retailers jump from Halloween to Christmas when she was trying to find Thanksgiving napkins (at four stores!) to no avail.

It may have been this way for years, but since she brought it up I’ve really taken notice to how much Christmas “stuff” is already out. A house on the way to my sons’ daycare already has one of those inflatable snowmen in the front yard. Last night, I saw two to three homes already with Christmas lights outlining their eaves. On Sunday, at out Thanksgiving dinner, my mother in law had three Christmas trees decorated in the windows of her house. All of the stores have wreaths and red bows on the doors and all the Santas and red and green items at the front of the store. The Salvation Army bellringers are already ringing. What happened to Thanksgiving?

I’ve tried to focus this week on things I’m thankful for and I want to continue doing that through the weekend. We should be thankful year round, I know, but at least at the holiday named for Thanks we should pause to do just that: thank. Thank God for creating us and taking care us. Thank our parents for providing for us and always being there. Thank our spouses for putting up with us. Be thankful we have a home, food, a car, our health, a job, a computer to blog on, etc.

So I’ve made a pledge to not rush into Christmas. I had planned on decorating our tree this weekend, mainly to get it done while I’m off work, but I’ll think I’ll wait a week or so. As anxious as I am to hear Christmas music (I love Christmas music) I’m going to resist the urge to drag out the holiday CDs. I do plan to go shopping Friday which is the day after Thanksgiving. But I will keep my thanksgiving spirit and be thankful that I have stores to shop in, kids to buy for, money to buy with … you get the picture.


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