Changing Perspectives

I remember several years ago being perturbed when I saw parents letting their kids draw on the offering envelopes or visitor cards in the pews at church. My rationale was that the church paid for those materials for people to give money or information to the church and what a waste to let a kid doodle all over it and then at the next service there’s no cards or envelopes for the people sitting there? Can’t you see how I would be annoyed?

But my perspective has changed. Now I’m the parent, frantically looking for something – ANYTHING – to keep my child quiet in church, and last night during a special concert (during which there was no nursery offered) I gave the boys visitor cards to draw on! I could feel the people around me thinking exactly what I had thought oh so many years ago. “How dare she waste the church’s resources as doodling paper?” But I figure my tithes and offerings go to pay for those items, too, and since the alternative was loud, out of control children, I think I put the church’s resources to good use.


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