A Thought-Provoking Thought

This is yesterday’s entry in my “Power of a Praying Parent” calendar:

“So much of our children’s safety and well-being depends on decisions they alone will make. The possible outcome of those decisions can seem frightening to a parent. We can’t ever be sure they’ll make the right decision unless they have the gifts of wisdom, revelation, and discernment along with an ear tuned to God’s voice. The only way to secure any of those things is to seek God for them.

That made me really think. It is so true that no matter how much we prepare our children to make the right decisions, it ultimately comes down to them. I can remember, at times in my life when I had to make decisions, my mom saying that she couldn’t make the decision for me but could pray for me to make the right choice. I think sometimes I focus so much on telling my boys what the right choice is and insisting that they make it that I forget it is still their choice and my role is to pray for them to choose the right thing. I won’t always be there to decide for them so it would benefit us both if I’m able to teach them to make good decisions on their own. Hmmmm. A very thought-provoking thought.


One thought on “A Thought-Provoking Thought

  1. This is so important, and something I feel my parents never really understood – that their job was not to make my decisions for me, but to teach me how to make good decisions on my own, and allow me the freedom to practice doing so, even if I made the wrong decision. Good insight, mom….

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