New Sheryl Crow

Just saw this new Sheryl Crow video on the VH1 countdown.

Her new album “Detours” comes out Feb. 5. The song on the video — “Love is Free” — is pretty upbeat and fun, kinda reminds me of “Soak up the Sun.” Here’s what Sheryl has to say on her own site about the song:

“The song ‘Love is Free’ is inspired by New Orleans. What struck me about it is the stoicism of the New Orleans people, they are very spiritually based. You can see it in their eyes that they aren’t going to give up, they are going to rebuild.”

You can hear “Love is Free” and another release from Detours, “Shine Over Babylon” on Sheryl’s site.  A video for “Lullaby for Wyatt” is on the site too, but I wasn’t as impressed with it. The album is rumored to be her best since Tuesday Night Music Club and deal with her engagement and then break-up with Lance Armstrong, her adoption of baby Wyatt, her battle with cancer, etc.

My hubby always said her best songs came after life struggles, hard times, etc. We’ll see come Feb. 5.

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