Restaurant Review: Five Guys

We ate at a new restaurant this weekend:Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries. Two locations opened recently where we live. In fact, the one where we ate was having its grand opening that day.

The short of it: good burger, crispy bacon, and tasty fries. Cost $17 for a family of 4 (my two little ones shared a hot dog) which is a good price for the quality of food. Caution to those with peanut allergies, though. They have peanuts in bowls for you to snack while you wait and, they cook in peanut oil. No peanut shells on the floor though.

The long of it: It was my idea to eat at Five Guys, but as I got close to the door I had second thoughts because I saw the box of peanuts. Yeah, BOX of peanuts. Their “decor” includes boxes of peanuts and large 50 lb. bags of potatoes. Since my 2-year-old is supposedly allergic to peanuts, the presence of lots and lots of peanuts made me nervous. There’s also large signs declaring, “We cook in peanut oil.” My son has eaten food cooked in peanut oil before with no reaction, and since his pediatrician has said peanut oil is fine we decided to stay.

A couple of notes about ordering: If you order a bacon cheeseburger, as I did at first, the sandwich comes with two meat patties. In fact all of the menu items without the word “little” in front of them come with double patties. The nice order-taker informed me of this, and I was so glad she did because one patty was certainly plenty. I ordered the kids a dog to split and told her we needed four drinks, at which point she informed me that kids drinks were free! Get out?!? Kids drinks free?!? HOW AWESOME IS THAT? We’ll definitely go back for that reason alone.

The one downside is limited menu. You definitely have to be in the mood for a burger and fries because that’s all they have. Well, they have a hot dog if you order off the kids menu. Point being, it’s not a good place to go if he wants a burger and you want a salad. At Five Guys, it’s burgers and fries all around!


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