Busy as a Bee

Things around here have been pretty busy this last week, and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. My class is going full-force now with my first group assignment and individual assignment due Monday. Graduate school requires lots of reading! The hubby was out of town last week making for a stressful week of single-parenting, and wouldn’t you know it that I came down with fever and sore throat that was just miserable. I ended up having to take two days off work and just lay around and feel awful. NOT! I ended up going to work with a 100.6 degree temperature and jacking myself up on extra-strength Tylenol and throat lozenges just to make it through the day. At night I took it a little easier letting the kids have whatever they wanted for supper. Finn chose a “Finn sandwich,” aka ham, pepperoni and cheese, hold the bread. Caden chose cookies! I felt so horrible I figured that one night of milk and cookies for supper wouldn’t ruin him for life.

I’m on the mend now, though, and on to the next thing. I’ll be traveling all next week for work, and in my free time on the trip I’ll be researching the effectiveness of using PowerPoint in elementary schools and piecing together a draft of my research proposal for class (which is due the Monday after I get back). Whew! Take a deep breath.

In the midst of all this I edited a 185-page book about Elvis. It was an opportunity that came to me through the professor of the editing course I am taking. In the end, It was a good experience for me both in giving me practical editing experience and something to spice-up my resume. It also paid a little which never hurts. Personally, I found it very fulfilling. The author is 67-years-old and is very excited about the book and seemed very appreciative of my edits and the suggestions I showed him. I felt so warm inside over helping him that I felt bad taking his money. At the same time, I stayed up late about three nights in a row reading it and spent two nights collating edits, so a little compensation for the time sacrificed was nice.

And in the back of mind is the Countdown to Disney. We’re just  six weeks or so away from taking an extended weekend vacation to the Magical World of Disney. I can’t wait!!!

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