Happy February

I just noticed I haven’t blogged at all in February. We’re 14 days in and I’ve not had anything to say! Not true. I haven’t had time to say anything because I’m too busy doing the things that someday I’ll have time to write about it.

Seriously, we are swamped. I really shouldn’t be writing now but the February calendar on my homepage looked so sad. There’s no one thing that’s keeping me away but really just a lot of school stuff (for both me and Hubby), personal stuff like trying to recover from the backup of laundry after my trip to Houston and making strawberry rice krispy treats for the boys’ Valentine’s Day parties, and getting over a sinus infection.

Work has been interesting too, because we keep getting more and more writing assignments and just can’t seem to get ahead. Some of it’s totally my fault. I haven’t truly recovered from the holidays, and by that I mean having so much time off at one time followed by several smaller government holidays, then going out of town and then having several meetings and extra tasks telling people what we did while we were out of town. My work to-do list is so long I feel like I’m doggy-peddling to keep my head above water. Not to mention that the bosses have noticed and inquired, “Uh, what exactly are you guys doing over there?” That’s one area I’ve always taken pride in, which is doing my work on time and often ahead of schedule. The fact that we have no set “schedule” but there’s some built-in yet un-stated expectations makes that part harder than other places I’ve worked.

My school research project is in full swing has occupied some of my thoughts and time, too. And while similar to the course I took last semester, this one does require a separate research project due in less than two weeks, I think, which I haven’t started. As I said, I probably shouldn’t be writing now. At least the calendar now shows something for February. I’ll try to do better. I didn’t even get to tell you about the new car…. Maybe next time.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


One thought on “Happy February

  1. Becky Middlebrook says:

    I hear you! Between a full-time job and finishing this stupid dissertation (and trying to maintain some semblance of a sane life) I’m about at my wits end! Of course, we don’t yet have the added responsibility of human children, but the four four-legged critters we have sure do keep us busy. Well, I guess if it’s not one thing it’s another.

    Good luck – and hang in there!

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