The Flu

Despite all four members of my little family getting some form of the flu vaccine, the flu has made its way into my home. Hubby started feeling bad Wednesday and went downhill fast. We got him into the doctor today, and the flu test was positive.

Our doctor gave us both a Rx for Tamiflu — hubby’s to make him feel better quicker and mine to keep me from getting it. I’m supposed to call the boys’ doctor tomorrow to see if he wants to do anything precautionary for them too.

So just how did we get the flu if we did what the doctors and the CDC recommend and got our vaccines? Because it looks like the strains of flu we were vaccinated with are not the same strains that are now making everyone sick. Supposedly any flu shot is better than none at all and can weaken the virus even if it’s not the same strain. Just a little disheartening to go through the expense and hassle of getting vaccinated and still get sick.


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