Road Rage

I am such a candidate for road rage. One of my biggest driving pet-peeves happened to me this morning on the way to work. There was a long line of traffic in the right lane, all cars wanting to turn right onto the “big road,” as my boys call it. And lo and behold cars come speeding up the left lane and then at the front of the turning lane flip on their blinker and want over. No! They should have got in line way back there just like I did. It’s cutting in line. You don’t do that in line at a restaurant or theme park; don’t do it when driving.

We’re all in a hurry, but what happens (as did this morning) is that the people sitting there with their blinker on, begging for some nice person — who by the way did the right thing and waited in line — to let them in, blocks the left lane. Now people wanting to go straight or turn left are braking for this person and swerving into the turn lane to avoid an accident.

I don’t let them in. I am a very nice driver, and if I see someone who needs to merge I like to help them out because we’ve all been there and I like for people to help me out when I’m in that situation. But when you’re trying to cut in line? I don’t think so. I break one of my other driving pet-peeves (tail-gating) to stay as close as possible to the person in front of me so there is no room for you to try to break in. And then, of course, that driver throws their hands up at me, mouths a cuss word and gives me the finger, like I did something wrong.

Told ya. I can sooooo feel the road rage when that happens.


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