Happy Leap Day!

I forgot today was “Leap Day” until I received an email, from the university where I am a student, stating that they are having a Leap Year sale today only. That got me wondering if other places were having Leap Day specials and to this New York Times article about some of the special offerings available today, 2008’s “extra” day. Most of them are for people born on Feb. 29, but hey, those guys deserve a break so I’m all for that. Some companies are sharing the love with the rest of us too. Papa John’s Pizza, for example, is giving free pizza to those with Feb. 29 birthdays, and the rest of us can have a Leap Day Party with 3, 3-topping pizzas for $29.29.

Some are comparing Feb. 29 to last year’s 7-7-7 day (July 7, 2007) where all kinds of special deals were offered and people were getting married left and right. There’s a similar phenomenon going on with Feb. 29, although that one doesn’t make as much sense to me.

My homage to Leap Day is that Feb. 29 is now highlighted in my blog calendar since it will be four more years before I could blog on this day again. Happy Leap Day!


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