What a Character!

mommy-caden-eeyore.pngWe took our boys on vacation to Disney World for the first time this past week, and while there is so much to tell from such a trip, my most memorable moment so far is about my 2-year-old’s visit with the characters from Winnie the Pooh. While the hubby and Finn rode a roller coaster (another memorable moment to share another time) Caden and I went to the Winnie the Pooh Character Time with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger (in that order). We were the last ones before the characters went on a break (they just go switch out with someone and are back in less than a minute, but shhh, don’t tell the kids.)

Caden seemed excited to see them from a distance. But when we walked up to Pooh for a picture, he screamed, I mean blood-curdling scream. The Disney photo people were taking pictures and were trying to get him to look at them for a picture and succeeded for the most part. The characters are apparently trained that if a kid screams just stand still. That worked well with Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore. In this photo of us with Eeyore the photographers were actually making Caden laugh by being silly. They did a good job. If I hadn’t of told you, you would never had known, right?

The worst though was Tigger because Tigger is sooooo animated Caden wouldn’t even let me get near him. And have you ever seen a Tigger stand still? I don’t think so. As we walked toward Tigger, who I have to add was by the exit, holding Caden was like holding a squirmy puppy. I was afraid he was going to jump out of my arms! So I told the photo guys we’d just skip Tigger which was fine. Remember, though, that I said the characters were leaving too to take a break, so as we left Tigger followed us! We made it through that, but then, at the entrance to the character area, I realized I’d left the stroller back where the characters were! So we had to go back. And this time the “replacement” Tigger followed us back down the hill!!!

It was hilarious to me but terrifying for Caden. He may never feel the same about Tigger again!


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