Target Retote

I’m a sucker for all things branded in the Target logo and almost couldn’t resist buying the “Target retote” yesterday. It’s a good-size tote bag made out of recycled Target bags — yeah the white bags with the red bullseyes on them all matted together and turned into a tote bag. How cool is that???

But remember I said almost couldn’t resist. I didn’t buy the bag because a better offer presented itself. Instead, I bought the April 14 issue of Newsweek magazine which was part of the retote display. The gimmick is this: buy Newsweek magazine, take the cover off and make it into a mailing pouch (directions are included), stuff your used Target bags inside, and mail them (postage paid) to TerraCycle, a recycling company that has partnered with Target to turn the bags into totes. In return, you get a coupon in the mail for a free retote!! I can’t wait to make my Target mailer and fold up all my little Target bags to recycle. Sounds like fun, it will help the environment by not having the bags end up in the trash, and I get the tote for free. It’s a win-win.


8 thoughts on “Target Retote

  1. barbara mas says:

    I missed the Newsweek issue. I do have the Terracycle address – can I just mail my target bags to that address?
    Any info you have will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  2. calluna says:

    Barbara — I say go for it. The one hangup I see is that if they honor it you may not get your certificate in time to redeem it. I sent mine off within a day of this post (so like April 11th, maybe?) and I just got my certificate this week, so a little over 3 months. And the certificate I received expired at the end of September.

  3. Gail says:

    Bring this great idea Back!!!!! We are swimming in Target Plastic Bags! I would love the opportunity to have more Target Guests be able to afford to have a couple of these bags. This is such a nice idea! See what you can do!!!!

  4. Kim in Fort Worth says:

    If you’re in Fort Worth, hustle over to the .25 Thrift Store at 3615 Mansfield Hwy. They have a few new bags for .75. If you buy 3, you get them for .60!!! I’m going back tomorrow for 3 more,(unless you beat me) I put all the treasures I bought in the one I got and I’m in love already. They’ll be great for grocery shopping.

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