One Year Blogging

A year ago yesterday I started this blog, making yesterday my blog’s birthday and/or the first anniversary of me and my blog. (A birthday measures age, and an anniversary measures the length of a relationship, and since a blog is kinda both, I’m not sure if yesterday was a birthday or an anniversary.)

So a couple of first year stats:

I’ve written 118 posts.

In my first month, I had 145 page views; last month, I had 1,269. Not too bad.

Total views for the whole year are 4,597.

My best day ever was April 21, 2008, with 98 views that day.

I’ve had 35 comments.

My spam filter has prevented 1,953 spam comments (Yeah spam filters!)

My Top 5 Posts, according to number of hits

So Many Ways to Say Happy Birthday 441
Target Retote 388
A Few Hours Too Late 334
Collect Points = Cool Stuff 258
Native American Nike’s 191

The number one search term that leads people to my blog: target dog.


One thought on “One Year Blogging

  1. Well, congrats and consider me 4.598. It’s fun poking around in here. And I noticed you added links to some of my blogs. Yikes! I’m used to maybe a half dozen regulars reading them. Now the pressure’s on. I’m returning the favor!

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