Teenage Babysitter

Two weeks ago tonight we had our first teenage babysitter. We’ve always used my mom, and after five years it was about time we bite the bullet and pay a real sitter to come watch the boys.

The girl we asked goes to our church, we know her parents, and she lives close enough that we could take her home afterward. (She’s not old enough to drive.) We were gone a total of 5 hours (enough time for dinner and a movie), and I consider it a great success.

First of all, the kids were in the bed asleep when we got home, which is an accomplishment to be proud of. I remember babysitting at her age and bedtime was the worst! Now, I have to say, my kids are pretty good at going to bed, so that has to help. But still, to get someone else’s kids to go to bed is tough. Also, her version of what they did, from playing games to reading books, matched up with the version the boys told me the next day. Finally, she was willing to come back. She came again tonight while we went to a Sunday School cookout and the result seems to be about the same. The house wasn’t wrecked, the kids were in bed asleep, and she even found bowls and put up the boys’ leftover supper. Who could ask for anything more?


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