Always Learning

If you only hear a word or phrase and never see it, you may never learn how to write it.

For example, today I was reading an article at work and the writer used the phrase “for all intents and purposes.” I never knew that’s how that phrase was written. I’ve probably never had to write it. I’ve always said “all intensive purposes.” Funny, I know.

Similarly, a few years ago the editor of the newspaper where I was working corrected a line in one of my articles. The city was going to put up a “rod iron fence.” You know, those decorative black iron fences around cemeteries or gardens. I didn’t know until then that the correct word was wrought iron fence.

A co-worker taught me a few weeks ago what the word “ejecta” means, and today I learned what makes a hybrid rocket hybrid (it’s the use of both solid and liquid fuels).

I’m glad to be able to learn new things, and glad that there are new things out there to learn.


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