In a Positive Light

Below is a comment about the power of words that I found particularly worthy of quoting. This is from Randy Pausch’s book, “The Last Lecture.”

“I watched (the doctor) use semantics to phrase whatever he could in a positive light. When we asked, ‘How long before I die?’ he answered, ‘You probably have three to six months of good health.’ That reminded me of my time at Disney. Ask Disney World workers: ‘What time does the park close?’ They’re supposed to answer: ‘The park is open until 8 p.m.'”

Along the same lines, at a work meeting a while back it was suggested to us that instead of saying “no problem” when asked to do a task, we say “it would be my pleasure.” It’s like the glass half full approach that I, as a pessimist, struggle to see. I suppose my pessimism is why that paragraph struck me like it did:  to encourage me to look at things “in a positive light.”


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