We visited our third theme park of the summer this past weekend. We visited Disney World in March, Six Flags Over Georgia in May, and now Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Finn loves the roller coasters. I mean loves. If he could ride more he would. There were quite a few that were too big for him, and in fact, at one point he said very sadly but matter-of-fact that he was too small for everything.

To be only 46 inches tall he’s actually rode some pretty big-boy coasters. At Disney he rode Expedition Everest, a wooden coaster with big drops. In Georgia he rode his first coaster with loops. In Kentucky the height requirements were pretty strict and he could only ride one real coaster — but he made up for it by riding that one about 6 times!

It’s amazing how emotionless he is. He’s not scared, anxious or nothing. He gets on the coaster and sits there like he’s about go on a calm train ride. He doesn’t scream or even laugh during the ride. He even wants to raise his hands like the coaster “enthusiasts.” When it’s done he gets off and is unchanged — he’s not talking about how fun or exciting it was, just kinda ho-hum, that’s done, what’s next. Bizarre.


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