iPhone Puts Time in Perspective

Last week, while adding birthdays for next year to my 2008-2009 calendar I got to December 2009 and nearly had a panic attack. You see, I will turn 30 in December 2009 and just knowing that my 30th birthday is now in my calendar, in my purse ,at this exact moment just made it seem all too close.

But my recent iPhone purchase put this all in perspective for me this morning. See, it’s calendar goes on forever, so it seems, so having my 30th birthday written in my pocket calendar is no big deal considering every date for the rest of my life apparently is on my iPhone calendar. I looked ahead as far as May of 2022 and decided that was as far as I could handle. May of 2022, you see, is when my soon-to-be-kindergartner will graduate high school. Somehow that too being on a calendar in my purse makes it seem all too soon.


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