Kids’ Speak

With both of boys talking pretty much non-stop now, and Finn experiencing so many new things lately with being older and able to do more and of course starting “big school” … the “kids say the darndest” moments at our house are just constant.

First there’s Caden, who has modified nearly every Star Wars characters’ name into something all his own. In Caden’s Star Wars World is 3CPO, RD2, Dark Mater (perhaps a cousin of Tow Mater from Cars?), and my personal favorite, Scootwalker (for Luke Skywalker, of course). And all of these guys fight with life savers (i.e. light sabers).

With Finn, I’ve started correcting him when he says the wrong plural or past tense. For example,  come and came instead of come and comes (for past tense). So this morning when he said someone “drived to the store” I corrected him, “someone drove to the store.” He then tried to correct his sentence with the new word: “ok, someone droved to the store.” Not exactly the correction I was going for, but very cute.


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