Quiet Time

I’ve started doing my quiet time outside, and what a difference that has made in how enjoyable that time is.

I remember as a teenager being at Acteens’ camp and having morning devotional time where our camp counselors would send us out to find a quiet spot in the woods to read our camp devotional and pray. I loved the sounds of nature and the quiet and beautiful scenery of God’s creation.

While recently trying to find a way to make my quiet time more meaningful I thought I’d try taking it outside. I go out about 5:45 a.m., sit in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair on my front porch and read from my One Year Bible just as the sky is starting to glow pink. By the time I’m through reading the sky is just lit up with bright oranges and pinks and so beautiful and majestic that I can’t help but have a song of praise in my heart. After this glimpse of beauty I pray silently for the burdens on my heart, and listen to my heart and my God and the sounds of His creation. The time is truly quiet and so much more meaningful.

I hope to build up to incorporating some praise music and after my Bible reading and prayer take a short 10-15 minute walk around my neighborhood while listening to praise music via Pandora on my iPhone. My favorite praise song this week is “This Good Day” by Fernando Ortega.

Morning sun
and morning glories
pouring down the hill,
through my window
I can feel the ocean breeze

Noisy sparrows
fill the oak trees
swallows can’t stay still,
and in the glad commotion
Lord, you speak to me

If rain clouds come
or the cold winds blow
You’re the one
who goes before me
and in my heart I know

This good day
it is a gift from You
The world is turning in its place
because You made it to
I lift my voice
to sing a song of praise
on this good day


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