Michael and Marisa LIVE!

Finn watching the Michael and Marisa concert

While at Six Flags in Atlanta last weekend we caught this cool musical act, Michael and Marisa. The live music caught my attention, and when I looked to the stage I stopped in my tracks. On the stage were two kids. While the voices certainly sounded young, the music itself was live (they weren’t singing to pre-recorded CDs) and pretty good. They are a brother-sister duo: 11-year-old Marisa plays drums and 10-year-old Michael plays guitar. Both kids sing.

People were stopping along the walkway to listen, but very few people were actually going into the concert stage area. By this time, both of my kids are listening and kinda dancing even, so we stopped and listened for a while. I was really impressed with their talent on the instruments and their performance quality of both original songs and popular hits. Their two-part harmony was awesome!! They were very comfortable on stage and seemed to enjoy making music. I thoroughly enjoyed what turned out to be an impromptu concert for us.

They gave pencils and hacky sacks with their web address on it to the kids. After the show they sold CDs and signed autographs. As I mentioned, there were only a handful of people actually in the concert area (although I think a lot of people were stopping to hear as they passed by), so there was no “mad dash” for the CD and autograph table. We hung around and Finn got an autograph. I spoke to their mom and told her they were very cute and very good. (Do up-and-coming pop/rock stars want to be called “cute?” Probably not, but they were.) It was like watching a live concert of the youngest members of the Partridge Family or the Brady Bunch. “Cute.”

We checked out their web site on the way home, and they have an interesting story of how they got their start on their About page. You can also hear some of their songs, see some video of their concerts and buy either individual songs or download their CD “Kickin’ It Together.” (Hard copies of the CD can be ordered also.)

I just found it so amazing the level of their talent and the drive and professionalism for such young musicians. Check ’em out.

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