Star Wars’ Clone Wars Review

So in a mini-review of the Star Wars Clone Wars movie, which we saw as a family on Sunday, I’ll say this: I liked the storyline but would have preferred to see real actors. I thought the animated action was too much like a video game, for me. Disclaimer: I realize that I am probably not the target audience for this film and that Star Wars die-hards may have loved it for the very reasons I criticized, and that’s OK.

A co-worker recently talked about his opinions on making new Star Wars’ films (ones with actors, not animated) and he was happy with the two trilogies with a “leave well-enough alone” attitude, as I recall. I, however, after seeing Clone Wars think a few “inbetweequels” (in between + sequels) would be entertaining. They could have similar story lines as Clone Wars but kind of fit in the middle of some of the episodes we’ve already seen.

My two stipulations, though, would be that they’d have to use the same actors as are in Epsiodes I, II and III, and you could only have inbetweequels for those episodes. It would be kinda hard for Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill to play younger versions of themselves today, and getting new actors would break rule no. 1. Sequels or Pre-quels that don’t use the same actors are awful!

My husband’s response to my criticism was that animation is cheaper than paying actors. I know too that CGI (computer-generated images) and animation technology are getting better and better which is exciting. Perhaps, it’s just not for me. I have, however, already been informed that we’ll be watching the new animated Star Wars TV series that starts this fall, so Clone Wars was apparently just the beginning.

This announcement from the Star Wars web site has some interesting comments from Lucas and others about both the movie and the TV series.


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