Ordering Sarah Palin … Again

Monday, a co-worker showed off his copy of the Sarah Palin book — the one that I ordered two weeks ago from Amazon.com and that he, over the weekend, just casually walked into the bookstore and bought.

This prompted me of course to check the status of my order only to discover that my order for the only version available on Amazon at the time — the hardback version, which sold out quickly after the VP nomination — was no longer available. I kinda assumed that but thought Amazon would fill my order with the paperback versions that were being printed in mass due to high demand. No, apparently Amazon wasn’t going to do that and weren’t even going to tell me that I would never get the book I ordered.

So, today, I canceled the order for the hardback Sarah Palin book, which in turn caused me to have to cancel the order for my co-worker’s space book (shameless plug: Homesteading Space by David Hitt, only $19.77) because the two were on the same order for free shipping. However, I immediately ordered the paperback version (as well as ordered David’s book again), although there was no indication of when the Sarah Palin book will ship. Hopefully before Nov. 4!


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