One (or Two) Things to Say About the VP Debate

I have just one thing to say about last week’s VP debate, and it is summed up in quoting my friend Cindy’s Facebook status from that night:

Cindy thinks Palin not only kicked butt, but she did it in stilletos!!! Now that’s a real woman!

Palin had so much energy and was so genuine in what she was saying I found myself grinning ear to ear just as she was because it was so enjoyable to watch her go!

Ok, so two things to say. I found it interesting that the talking heads criticized Palin for dodging questions by changing the subject when Biden did the exact same thing. Palin does it and it’s lack of experience or because she doesn’t know the answer. Biden does it and it’s a tool to talk about the issues that are important to him.

I observed both, equally, answer when they wanted to and also change the subject when they wanted to. When they changed the subject it seemed most often because they wanted to rebuttle or respond to what the other one said. I just hate to see Palin’s short time in public office lead people to assume that her “inexperience” causes her to dodge questions. I see her as the kind of woman that if during an interview with Katie Couric she doesn’t know the answer to something because she’s only been on the national political scene for 5 weeks, that she’ll make darn sure she studies up on that and next time … Katie, watch out!


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