First Year in Coach Pitch a Good One

Finn’s first year of coach pitch baseball wrapped up this past weekend, and as enjoyable as it was to watch him develop new skills and succeed with his team, I’m thankful it has come to a close. The fall ball season is 5 weeks of games, with about 3 weeks of practice prior, so for the last 8 weeks baseball has been the name of the game, literally. We had practices or games nearly every night of the week all leading up to this past Saturday where his team played in the 5- and 6-year-old coach pitch county tournament.

Our team didn’t go down without a fight, but we ended up placing second, losing the championship game by only one point. I’m convinced that the other team’s only advantage was that they batted last. If we’d had last at bat we’d most certainly have won. But we hold our heads high because we played a good season and played well to be only 5- and 6-year-olds.

It was pure joy to see Finn improve and succeed! The first few weeks he couldn’t even make contact with the ball. He’d swing early, late, high, low … everywhere but where the ball was. My husband and I pitched hundreds if not thousands of balls to him, bought new bats, did soft-toss exercises and even brought in Uncle Bobby who coached my nephews all through their little league years. I can still remember the game where he got his first hit. The other moms probably thought me crazy but I jumped and yelled like he’d just done the best thing ever! I was so proud, not to say “hey, that’s my son that just got that hit” but because he did it! HE DID IT! He worked so hard and endured frustration and coaching and tiredness and did it!

It’s the moments like the first hit, the winning run, and the second place finish in the county tournament that hopefully make all the practices and frustrations worth it, for all of us.


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