I already had plans for tomorrow night when I received an email from my only sister about a family dinner tomorrow night for my oldest nephew’s birthday. (He will be 16.) My monthly Bunco group plays tomorrow night and my husband was taking the kids to Finn’s soccer game. A no-brainer, right? Family first. Cancel on Bunco, no soccer game. End of story.

But I’m bitten by this reliability bug that I don’t want to miss Bunco, not because I really want to play Bunco instead of be with my family on my nephew’s birthday, but because I don’t want to let my Bunco friends down. Same with soccer. I don’t want to let down the team or the coach by allowing Finn to miss yet another soccer game (he’s already missed the last two). But as I put it in my email response to my sister:

“In the grand scheme of things , will the October 2008 Bunco or a 5 year old rec league soccer game really matter 10 years from now? No. But celebrating my first nephew’s 16th birthday will.”

So we’ll be at Applebees tomorrow night, celebrating 16 great years. Happy Birthday Alex!!


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