“While I’m Waiting”

I love this song by John Waller.

I also like this bit of Waller’s “story” from his myspace page:

“… Waller gained national attention fronting the group According to John. … ‘When the journey came to an end with According to John, I left it behind and I really closed that chapter in my life,’ says Waller. ‘I never had any intentions of being a recording artist again. I went about a year without writing any songs.’

… moved to Colorado … became worship pastor. It became an extraordinary season in Waller’s life and ministry. And at a time when he had given up ‘the music business,’ he suddenly felt more inspired and began writing songs that were immediately embraced by his congregation. …

‘I was teaching my songs to our worship team and we were playing them in church. They were declaration kind of songs,’ he says of the new songs God was laying on his heart. ‘People wanted to go sit in their car and listen to them. They didn’t want to wait a whole week before they could hear these songs again. I saw that happening and I said, ‘If this could happen with these people then perhaps they are meant for a bigger flock.”

Hear more of his songs on his myspace page.


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