Station Sighting #2

I saw the space station again tonight. This time I knew better what to look for, and I was pretty excited to share the experience with my mom and my boys. Tonight was also cool because the space shuttle was docked to the station, so I actually was seeing both.

Finn wanted to know if it was my space shuttle. Actually, he first asked my mom if I was going to be on the space shuttle. (He goes to her house after school on Thursdays so was there before I was.) Poor thing still confused about exactly what mommy does at NASA (It’s OK. Some days I am too!). This mission is actually the first in a while that I haven’t met or interviewed someone up there.

Also kinda cool to see the station & shuttle on the date of my two-year anniversary with NASA and the 10-year anniversary of the station. Such a transformation for me from two years ago, when I had no awareness of the orbiting laboratory overhead, to now, when for the second time in 30 days I’ve actually seen it pass over.



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