My Take on Shopping Safety Tips

I got an email this week with safety tips for holiday shopping. There were some really good tips like “maintain your awareness as you walk through the parking lot” and “store parcels in the trunk of your car and not in the back seat.” But some of them I couldn’t help but respond. Below are some of the tips with my response in italics.

Try to avoid shopping alone. Who shops alone on Black Friday? Isn’t that part of the point, for you and your crazy girlfriends to line up outside some store in the middle of the night and “bond” over a hot drink and sale papers? If you are alone it’s because you can’t be at two places at once so your girlfriend has your Walmart lists while you’re at Target.

Do not wear expensive jewelry, and take care to dress in a modest, inexpensive outfit that will call minimum attention to you. So basically dress like I always do.

Arrange your shopping itinerary so that you acquire your most expensive items last. How is that possible? We all know the electronics store only carry two of the most sought after items and you have to get in line at midnight to have a chance at buying just one of those when they open at 5 a.m.

Park as close to the building as possible or select parking spot near the main flow of traffic. The end row is ideal. Park in well lit areas, preferably under a parking lamp or near a light source. On Black Friday, people park on the grass, the curb, anywhere they can make their car fit. “Ideal” is having someone drop you off at the door, drive around while you shop, and pick you up back at the door.

Know where your children are at all times. At home with their dad.

Seriously, be careful and Happy Black Friday Shopping!!


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