I Am Thankful

For my Savior, who loves me so much, and who without Him none of this would be possible

For my husband, who loves me just the way I am

For my kids, who in one minute can drive me crazy and in the next make my heart melt

For my parents, who raised me well and are still there for me today

For my sister, with whom I share a bond that only other sisters can understand

For my nephews, who I love as if they are my own

For my church, for giving me a place to truly worship, learn, fellowship, serve, and grow

For my pastor, who in the same sermon presents the simple plan of salvation and also a deeper challenge to those of us already saved

For the freedom to worship openly

For a job that I want to go to and that uses the talents He gave me

For the health of me and my family

For a home and vehicles that do the job and that I enjoy

For a pantry full of food and the ability to buy more whenever we need or want it

For closets full of clothes for my family, and toy bins full of toys

And I could go on and on because God just keeps blessing! This is not to say that life is easy but that wherever we are (on the mountain or in the valley) we are still so blessed! I am so thankful for all He has provided me in life. Mankind is so undeserving but He keeps blessing us anyways! What are YOU thankful for and how can you be a blessing to someone else this holiday season?


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